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Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is a collective working for inclusion and participation of the marginalized sections of society in development processes since 2006. SWS came into existence in 2003 while organization got its legal status bearing Registration No 01/01/01/16327/06 on 28th April 2006 under the Society Registration Act, 1973 (No. 44 of the Year 1973). Sathiya is working in 6 districts of Madhya Pradesh with priority focus on developing community leadership especially in women and youth in terms of Social, Economical and Political leadership as we believe that as soon as women and youth will be empowered economically, socially, politically, they will be real agent to bring change.

We as Sathiya, are collectively trying to strengthen the political leadership of marginalized community especially women by active participation in local governance and decision makings at family and public spaces; and linking community members with sustainable livelihood mainly by enhancing the traditional skill of youths through cluster development approaches. Our team members in these clusters are from local, grassroot levels so they are now face of Sathiya and all of these are youngsters— promising leadership is developing for a better tomorrow.

Sathiya has been working on health issues with a perspective of health as people’s right, also has been very much concerned about the State’s role in public health. Sathiya believes that health is State’s responsibility and the policies/schemes which are declared by the State or Central government should reach effectively to the community.

Sathiya strongly believes in the power of network and we are working in alliance with Maternal Health Rights Campaign (MHRC), Men’s Action for Equity (MAE) and networking with likeminded groups. With MHRC, we are carrying out the community based monitoring of health status in Sehore since 2013 and in Betul since 2014. Sathiya’s contribution to make community aware about health rights resulted in some places to stop child marriages and campaign for saving girl child by making fathers/men aware and caring for their daughter/s were unique initiatives.

Through Men’s Action Equity (MAE) network and Responsible Fatherhood Campaign SWS is taking steps toward sensitization of men and boys on gender justice to stop violence against women and girls, gender based discrimination and overlooked health rights of females. Sathiya considers that violence and abuse against girl child or women are serious public health concerns.