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Our Story

Sathiya Welfare Society came into existence in the year 2003 with the vision of providing all the vulnerable, excluded and deprived citizens with adequate power and knowledge so that each one of them is capable of making their own decisions and becomes responsible. The special focus of SWA is on the development and empowerment of women and youth. The organization got its legal status on 28th April 2006 under the Society Registration Ac, 1973.

As our vision is long-term and we believe in sustainable changes. We grasp every opportunity we get and transform it into the best outcomes. With societies facing challenges and hurdles on the path of progress every day and every step, we work together with the communities,  evaluate and accept challenges and go forward with innovative approaches. A welcoming decade is waiting ahead.

What We Do


Sathiya works in all segments of society to enhance the livelihood of people of community.


We have been working to improve gender equality and woman empowerment since our inception.


Community health is the pillar to community growth and it is one of our focus issues towards achieving success in our goals.


Governance can be made just and fair with active participation and understanding of issues and finding their solutions. 

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We are always in the lookout for skilled and passionate people looking to grow their careers while contributing towards the betterment of the society.

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Our Vision

Access Rights for All by ensuring meaningful participation of marginalized sections of society by involving them in a process of decision making on the basis of informed choices and strengthening transparency and accountability in local self governance system in reality.

Our Mission

To promote and support participatory governance for equity and inclusion in development processes by capacity building, generating evidences and advocating the perspective of the most marginalized for enriched democratic set-up.

Aims and Objectives

For achieving the vision Sathiya has set the following aims and objectives to achieve

  • To strengthen the community leadership and generate awareness on fundamental rights.
  • To empower the people and increase their participation in decision making and community activities.
  • To strengthen accountability and transparency in the governance system.
  • To widen the range of knowledge and understanding of the social, economic and political system in order to create a critical awareness among the potential youths and developing the critical masses.
  • To initiate a dialogue between community, policymakers and other stakeholders on various development issues for a social change which ensures the development of all irrespective of caste, creed and culture.
  • To promote sustainable development of marginalized communities by ensuring livelihood, health services and other socio-development issues.

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