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Livelihood & Skill Enhancement

To make the community financially strong and to raise their economic leadership, we work towards enhancing the skills of the community by mobilizing, organizing and providing training for their traditional livelihood sources. This process helps in traditional livelihood sources becoming more sustainable and increasing income of the households. For this, we work actively on cluster development approach and linkages on all possible fronts.

Artisans belonging to disempowered communities face a challenge of losing their traditional occupation and they find difficulty in adapting other livelihood sources (i.e. labour/wage worker, etc.) as well. This is why a major area of focus for Sathiya Welfare Society is the livelihood of disempowered communities and for this, we work closely with artisans of these communities. 

Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Sathiya looks at gender equity as an issue that is associated with every sector including livelihood, health, governance and education. We believe that until and unless we don’t take gender equity as an important aspect, it is quite impossible to bring real change. This is one of the core reasons we integrate concepts and principals of gender equalities on all of our plans and actions. As an organization focussed on the betterment of society, we believe in gender sensitization and hence we stand for not only women’s education but men and children as well because it has a direct impact on violence and abuse on women and the society.

Community Health

We make communities aware of health issues and we often practice community-based monitoring of health services, especially for maternal and adolescent health as well as for anemia, malnutrition. Sathiya works with comminutes to educate members about prevention from diseases such as malaria, dengue etc. We also provide advocacy on health issues with various stakeholders at various levels.

Participation for Right Governance

Sathiya Welfare Society works on empowering women and youth so that they can participate actively in the political arena. For this, we educate community members, raise awareness and provide training and exposure to various issues related to local self-governance. The communities are educated about their right to vote and how they should actively participate in decision making in local governance systems.

Join us and make a difference. 

Our Mission
To promote and support participatory governance for equity and inclusion in development processes by capacity building, generating evidences and advocating the perspective of the most marginalized for enriched democratic set-up.
Making an Impact
Working with us, you will have plenty of opportunities to work on projects that touch daily lives of people and have a positive impact on the society.
Our Culture
As a goal-oriented organization, we believe strongly in the value of team and valuing the individuals. We are proud of our stress-free, positive and productive organizational culture.