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With a long-term vision in our eyes and a belief for bringing sustainable change in the lives of the vulnerable class of our society, the Sathiya Welfare Society works towards grasping every opportunity and transforming it into the best outcomes.

Our organisation is built on the bedrock of values with our pursuit of benefiting the artisan community and upgrading their skills. We work as a bridge, connecting artisans to the market. The 70% share of the sales we make is directly contributed towards the welfare of artisans and the remaining 30% goes towards, packaging, shipping and other stakeholders in the SPV.

We as an organization work as a family in a way that benefits all our stakeholders including costumers, the artisan community, the buyers and the channels we work with.

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Why Terrcotta?

The manufacturing process of terracotta is very simple, sustainable and eco-friendly, as it does not include any harmful chemicals or elements. It helps in preserving the food’s nutritional value because it is porous, it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh. Terracotta clay utensils also neutralize the food’s acid content and are microwave safe products. These vessels are easily available in the market and are affordable. These properties make terracotta products a versatile material that can easily replace plastic and heavy metals from the kitchen.

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