On May 18, 2024, Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) proudly hosted its 18th Foundation Day & Annual General Meeting (AGM) at its head office in Bhopal. This significant event brought together our dedicated board members, esteemed guests, and enthusiastic staff to reflect on its accomplishments over the past year and planning strategy for the future.


Highlights of the Year

Skill Development & Livelihood—invested more time and efforts to enhance skill and pave ways for sustainable livelihood sources with the community support.

Social Inclusion and Gender Mainstreaming—capacity building of community as well as team members and bringing positive practical changes in society.

Training and Capacity Building


80 Activities Conducted across Betul, Bhopal, and Shajapur.

3,000 Artisans Benefited Through various activities and programs conducted during the year.

Focus Areas for the Coming Year

SWS shall delve with more depth and commitment towards Livelihood and Skill Development, Training and Capacity Building, and Social Inclusion and Gender Sensitization. To maximize its impact and reach, SWS plans to actively seek support from CSR initiatives, government programs, non-government organizations, and other funding agencies.

Additionally, it has been also proposed to add two new members to board of the organization.

Financial Overview

A detailed financial report for 2023-24 was presented, showcasing the transparent and efficient use of resources in our projects. The financial health of SWS shows that there is a need to pool more resources to continue our valuable work in the community.

Board Members’ Appreciation and Suggestions

The board members expressed their appreciation for the remarkable work done by the SWS team and provided valuable suggestions to ensure the sustainability and growth of SWS initiatives. Their support and insights are invaluable as we continue our mission to uplift and empower the communities we serve.

Thank you for the efforts, support and encouragement of our partners, team members and the community. Together, we are making a difference!

Stay connected with us for more updates on our projects and activities. Visit our website at www.sathiyapariwar.com .